The Most Important Thing to Bring on a Video Production

The most important thing you must bring to each of your video production projects:


Because without a strong vision for the project, including all phases of it, you’re doomed. It doesn’t matter if you bring the latest RED Weapon or Alexa cameras, if you’re rocking the Steadicam, or packing the latest digital cinema lighting gear. If you do not have a killer vision for the project, it will not turn out well (and may not get finished at all- which is a huge problem in our industry and I’ll talk about that at a later time).

Yes, of course we always bring the best tools for the job. And our pre-shoot checklist is pretty insane. Technique does matter, as does technology. But the truth is, the longer you do this, and the better you get at it, the more clients will hire you because of your vision. They just assume you have your other shit together, already- and in any case, a quick watch of your reel will demonstrate that.

Are there exceptions to this rule? Yes. Of course! But those exceptions aren’t the kinds of projects that can support you, long-term.