New LA TV Commercials

Here’s three TV commercials I produced and directed for Los Angeles based Westside Rentals. They turned out great, and the client is thrilled- yay!

We shot these on our SONY 4K systems, and I was pretty blown away at how good we made them look. The skin tones really popped, and the overall look is along the lines of an Arri Alexa’s REC709 look. Which is awesome.¬†From a technical perspective, the big difference between the look of these spots and a more corporate video project was the lighting. I brought in a ton of high-end lights. We used an 800 watt HMI, along with one of the first Cineo HSX units available in Los Angeles to light. Big sources.

Which goes to show, sometimes people overvalue the camera. It’s not just the camera, it’s the lenses, the lighting, the composition… it goes on.

Of course, great lighting and camera and post work means nothing if the performances aren’t spot-on. And our actors really did very well- we chose wisely in casting, and I enjoyed working with everyone. I am grateful.