#1 Tip for Actors, When I’m Casting

I love casting the projects I produce and direct. It’s important to me to be there whenever I can, because the actors are absolutely vital parts of the production. Plus, they’re generally fun people. These past two weeks, we cast two projects. And we’ve found some fantastic actors for the projects- ones that are new to me, and ones I’ve worked with in the past.

Here’s my #1 tip for anyone who ever auditions with me: I’m on your side. I want you to be great, and I want you to have a good time. And if I ask you to read it again, it’s a good thing- it could mean you might be right for the role, and I want to see if you can take direction. Or it could be, your first read maybe wasn’t what I’m looking for, but I see something in there and want to give you another shot.

I think most actors get this about the process. It’s part of being a pro. And I appreciate it. Just like my clients need to get a feel for how working with me will go, I need to get a feeling of how working with you will be. I’m a big believer in not getting too many surprises on the shoot day, and this helps.

So, thank you to all the wonderful actors I’ve been meeting these past weeks. It’s been a blast. As it always is.

Author: Patrick

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