Amazing Customer Service

Today I want to spotlight two recent customer service interactions we’ve had that have been amazing.

First, Tiffen- the makers of the famous Steadicam system you’ve seen in hundreds of movies and commercials. I was in New York, and TSA thrashed my luggage. They broke the top stage of my Steadicam. So, when I was back in Los Angeles, I brought it to Tiffen to see what they could do. Tiffen inspected it on the spot, and said they’d be back in touch. A week later, I was surprised by a package on my doorstep- it was my fixed Steadicam! They did the repair for free. Amazing.

Next, Kessler Crane. I use their products a lot. Kessler makes good stuff. But I was on a shoot in Los Angeles, where their Second Shooter system wasn’t working properly for our motion control shots. It was very embarrassing, as I was not able to get the shots I needed for the project. Until I called Kessler in a panic. They dropped everything, on their lunch hour, and walked us through solutions until one took. This┬ásaved my shoot. Also amazing.

I think about companies that deliver this kind of amazing customer service, and they inspire me to make sure my video production company also amazes our clients.