Some Days You Eat The Bar(Bear)

Apologies to The Big Lebowski’s cowboy character. But it’s so true. Some days you can’t do a damn thing right. Then, sometimes, you have a day like mine today:

First, I got to the airport early for once. And my shuttle was literally waiting for me as I arrived. Then, check-in went very easily- no lines. At TSA, also no lines. And a TSA officer flirted with me. Seriously. He and I did not share a sexual orientation, but, I was flattered. Then, I noticed that my long-awaited TSA pre-check status had gone through. So I got to keep my shoes on and go through the metal detector, instead of the Rape-i-scan nude body imager. Yay! My flight, while full-ish, was pleasant, and I got a sandwich onboard, while watching a fun indie film (Grandma, recommended). I got off the plane (which arrived early), walked right out of the terminal and directly onto the rental van. And then directly into the “Elite Gold” member counter, just ahead of 30 other people. Got in my car, and drove away.

While on the road, I got a new lead from an agency back east. And the sunset was absolutely beautiful.

It’s hardly ever this easy. So, wow.

Author: Patrick

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