What’s Your Mission, Stan?

I co-wrote and directed a short film a number of years ago called ‘Headhunting, Inc.’. Its hero was an everyman named Stan, who was in a rut, career-wise. He had to break out of this rut and figure his shit out, or be stuck in his unfulfilling life forever.

It was a cute little short, well-written, with my talented (and weird as shit) writing partner at the time, Rick Bourn. The film was a little surreal and strange, of course, as well. Wouldn’t be one of mine, otherwise.

And there was this character in it, who was a¬†former postal worker with a grudge. Stan has a vision of this character accosting him in the shower, and demanding “What’s your mission, Stan?”.

This helps jolt Stan out of his complacency, and that day he makes moves that get him on a new and better path.

This morning, I was thinking about our postal character, and how it’s so fucking easy to get caught up in the bullshit, feeling like you’re busy and going places, when you’re really not. It’s easy to get off course with your mission.

I think a lot of the world counts on and hopes that you stay on your current path. The vultures profit from your complacency.

For instance, Bank of America just sent me an email that said from now on they won’t be automatically waiving the $25/month fee for one of my accounts. See, complacent me would just deal with that. I’m sure BofA is praying everyone does nothing, and they make their additional $XXX millions of dollars in fees this year.

Me? I fucking went to Betterment.com (yay Betterment!) and initiated a rollover of all my BofA investments, and I’ll be headed down to BofA on Monday morning to close every single one of my accounts, and opening an account at a credit union (yay credit unions!) that actually wants my business.

Fuck complacency. And while we’re at it, let’s get back to our mission, shall we?

Author: Patrick

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