Always Over-Deliver to Clients

I had a meeting with someone last month, a CEO of another video production company, who told me he does his best to cut his costs to the bone for every job, so he can profit more. Shooting with poor camera and lighting packages. Sub-contracting editing and post to interns who’d do it for $300. And hiring crew at the very cheapest rates he could get away with. Then he charges his clients as if he’d brought his “A team” to the party.

That sucks. And I think that’s shitty business.

I like money, sure. But it’s not the only driver for me, and it shouldn’t be for you, if you want to do the kind of great work that it takes to get better clients. I believe it’s best to always, always over-deliver to your clients, not to skate by on the bare bones minimums.

I don’t mean ‘let the client take advantage of you’. But I do mean, do every job in the best way you can. Don’t skimp. If the gig calls for a RED Epic Dragon, bring one. If you know to get a great picture on location you’ll need a ton of high-end lights, bring them. And pay your crew fairly.

Maybe it’s just how I was raised. But I don’t like being ripped off, and I don’t ever rip off my clients. They hire you to give your best, so give them your best.

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